It Takes Two to Turkey

I got a free turkey at thanksgiving.   I had no idea how to cook it, and I knew for sure that my sister/housemate/personal Jiminy cricket and I could not finish a whole turkey! However, I could not say no to free food, it’s not in my gene capacity. Enter the 101 things to do with…

Why I pack my lunches

I’m happy to announce that I’m in a stable job and doubly proud to state that though I don’t publish, I have kept up the practice of packing my lunches from home. Benefits include Economic: I am cursed to work near malls and I save so much money by taking leftovers or meal prepping.  When…

Cobbled together matcha and strawberry snack???

So I came downstairs to find my sister and niece trying to makes pancakes …or crepes? (They were not sure) Their measurement system was none existent and about 5 pancakes in they were ready to pull the plug. I took their mashup and threw in everything-but-the-kitchen-sink that could go into a pancake which came down…

Weird yummy Mash up

Weird mashup of classic Egusi and rice; a simple lettuce, raisin, carrot, almond salad with sweet onion dressing, and half of a delicious grapefruit.

Just add Spinach!

Leftover shrimp fried rice, suya and spinach and strawberries on top (no dressing) side of tangerine cup. I realized that I can throw spinach on pretty much anything and not be revolted, it’s a great alternative to lettuce and straight up better than kale, so Woop wood for me and gooooo greens!