Got done with work early, so I ran off for some Amala, gbegiri, ewedu and beef(goat meat had finished) at my favorite dive.

2 thoughts on “Amala

      • It’s made up of five layers. Amala at the bottom, covered in three stews: gbegiri, covered in ewedu (i’m told the english name for this vegetable is Corchorus walcottii), covered in beef and beef stew. Each layer is linked to a recipe.
        This is a local dish that really has no western substitute. However if you can find a good African store, you can find the ingredient and give it a try. And even here, when I make it at home it’s never as good as it is, when I eat it at a restaurant on the side of the road.
        The place I got this is a canopy by some bridge that is still being built. It’s the kind of rundown place where everyone is welcome; you’ll see bankers and their drivers eating there because their amala is the best. At the same time the crowd is not always savory, I almost got in a fight with a guy who tried to cut ahead of me in line a few months back but it’s worth it. I hope that helps.

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