Do not try at home


    Pounded yam and egg sauce and baby sausages.
    No I did not wake up at the crack of dawn to pound yam. I leave that kind of insanity to my upstairs neighbour who pound, what I hope is yam, on the daily. Seriously! Even if I wanted to, I realized in JSS 3 home economics that I lack the upper body strength.
    As I side note boarding house showed me that I was capable of fetching and drinking brown water from a well with a pink snake in it without dying. However as far as skills go my limit is one bucket, unlike my skilled classmates (I knew a girl who could move with one bucket on her head and one in each hand, no spills, she could probably pound yam) As there was no way I was going back to that snakey well by myself, I subsidized my water by waking up early, in order to steal a bowl of water from as many buckets as it took to provide me with a second bucket.#boardingschoolproblems Yes I am a water thief, Good times at St Anne’s Secondary school Ibadan.

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