Moi moi and garri


    In what I will henceforth think of as moi moi inception, my sister-in-law was forced to cook a pot of moi moi in another pot. She had already prepared and ground the beans before realizing there were no banana leafs, no nylon bags and no tin cans to cook in.
    Thinking quickly, she poured the bean batter into a pot which she placed in a bigger pot filled with water to begin the longest moi moi steam in the history of ever. It was worth it because she produced the first ever cake sized moi moi cake (call back from people at guinness book of world records pending).
    Slice seen here with a cup of dry ijebu garri and sugar cubes for soaking.

2 thoughts on “Moi moi and garri

  1. love your blog! I’m a foodie too! for naija and continental dishes.
    ijebu garri and well spiced moi moi (the ones that have pieces of fish and egg, reign supreme for me) will always have a special place in my heart.

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