Veggie yam pottage


    Asaro sometimes called yam pottage or yam porridge is a great comfort food. But you can throw in a handful of vegetable making it not just healthier but also kinda fancy.
    Ingredients: Yam, chopped onion and chili peppers, palm oil, spinach (or preferred vegetable), crayfish, salt, black pepper, curry powder, dried thyme and blended paste made from tomatoes, chilies, big peppers, garlic and onion.

You may also add: dried or smoked fish/chicken/shrimp. I skipped this so I served my asaro with dried fish.


    • Peel, chop and wash yam
    • Put in a pot with enough water to cover the yam pieces
    • Add salt, sugar, black pepper, chopped onions and chilies, blended paste, curry, and thyme (do not mix)
    • Increase heat and boil for about 20 minutes or until yam is soft (test with fork, if water dries before yam gets soft add water but don’t stir)
    • Add crayfish and any complimentary fish/chicken/shrimp
    • Reduce heat and cook for an additional five minutes
    • Finally stir in spinach and palm oil
    • Simmer for one minute, taste and add salt if needed

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