Ofada rolls


    Presenting, beans and dodo rolls, moi moi sandwiched between fried plantain, grilled fish and soup. Very tasty!
    I’m sure this is clear but in case everyone did not know, I LOVE SUSHI. unfortunately I can count on two fingers the places in Lagos… nay, Nigeria where I can get sushi. There is also the issue of quality and cost. I worry that the sushi here is grossly overpriced yet average. But sucker for punishment that I am, I keep going back for more.
    So one of my favorite people in the world said to me. ” Why is there no Japanese/Nigerian fusion dishes. So I made the decision to address this. Unfortunately, my sushi rolling skills are kinda lacking and ofada while tasty in not the stickiest of rices. But side note, the smell ofada rice mixed with nori is to die for (not to die from)

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