Can we still say boiled if microwaved?


    Boiled plantain with boiled beans and stew. Boiled in this case may be misleading. I learned (Thanks mum) to microwave a plantain and achieve the same result as boiling, so these days I go the microwave route for easier cleaning.
    • Wash a plantain and chop into four to six pieces without removing the skin.
    Either put in a pot, cover with water and bring to a boil or place in microwaveable plate with just a tablespoon of water, cover and microwave for two minutes.
    • The yellow plantain flesh should become a shade darker and softer when done.
    Either sieve water or just take cover off microwave plate and let cool.
    • Remove skin, salt and enjoy
    • Great with beans, rice, egg, stew or on its own.
    No such luck with the beans which have to be boiled for ages. I mean you could cut down the time with a pressure cooker but I for some reason, am intimidated by pressure cookers. Who else has this problem?

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