Potato pottage


    I’m not sure if this is a recognized meal or if it is just something we ate when I was young.


    It is beans and potatoes boiled until soft (separately and then together because it takes longer to boil the beans and if you did it together the potatoes would be mush)
    When the beans are soft and the potatoes are on the cusp of softness, drain them and toss into the beans.
    Add a little cooking oil (palm oil is also acceptable) some chopped onions, chillies, green peppers and whatever else you want (Plantain, carrots, spinach, dry fish, shrimp are just a few suggestions of the top of my head).
    I usually add smoked chicken but in this case all I had was sausage.
    If the beans were drying out add a little water
    DO NOT STIR or beans will stick to pot
    I spiced with the usual salt, black pepper, curry powder,thyme and dried scented pepper powder.
    When water has reduced to an acceptable level and added vegetables are steamed, stir and put out fire after a minute.
    It is a meal unto itself, Enjoy!

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