Meat pie


    Meat pie, cake and orange.

2 thoughts on “Meat pie

  1. I love meat pies or as my mom called them Pasties. She made them with diced uncooked beef and potatoes, little onion, s&p. then baked in this shape you show in regular pie dough. They were good cold so the miners could take them for lunch. What are in yours? Oh, and that cake looks wonderful!

    • Some Nigerian eateries have a habit of filling pasties with potatoes but calling them meat pies and that just makes me mad.

      I didn’t make this one because my oven is out of commission and my doughs are a bit sloppy but I found someone who makes the right combination of beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, onion, salt and pepper. I plan to experiment with chicken pies soon.

      and yes, The cake was wonderful and now that you’ve brought it up I’ll be thinking of cake all day.

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