Efo on rice


    Boiled rice and delicious spicy efo riro.

5 thoughts on “Efo on rice

    • Efo riro is rich vegetable soup, native to the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is one of my favorites and can be made with water leaves and pumpkin leaves but I have made it successfully with spinach. We eat it with what we call “swallow” (pounded yam, amala or eba, fufu, semovita, these are foods we eat hot, with our hands which have been cooked, pounded or kind of mashed and molded into round mounds. I personally will eat efo riro (aka efo) with anything. I hope this helps.
      I shared a recipe a while back: https://nativelunchbox.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/py-and-efo/

    • I would love a cookout but as far as recipe swaps go, I must say that I’m not known for cooking consistency. but I’ve seen and love your blog so Yes and Yes to getting recipes from you.

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