Sardine sauce and sweet potato fries


    Fried sweet potato with fried sardine sauce (really spicy, coz of a gazillions peppers) Sooooooo gooooood! Sliced Orange from my bus stop guy… Made the decision to stop messing around with other orange vendors because these oranges are legit, in and out of season (just don’t ask me when oranges are in season)

4 thoughts on “Sardine sauce and sweet potato fries

  1. Hmmmmm perhaps I should fire up the fryer and make some sweet potato fries from all the sweet potato heap I have been staring at for days! Lol! Oranges are in season during the rainy season 🙂

    • You totally should, sweet potato fries are the best, they go great with any sauce, at the same time they are quite good on their own. so you win either ways.
      Also thanks for the orange info.

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