Ugly babies

I GET IT! I finally understand why parents of ugly babies are so proud.  So I’ve been obsessed with steamed buns, ever since I went to Malaysia with my sister, but they were so magical, that I dared dream that I could make them from scratch.  I usually just settled for the frozen ones at the international market.  Anyway, after being empowered by tastie strawberries this week, I decided to bite the bullet try and make some sweet red bean (with strawberries) bun and some savory pork steamed buns.  I’ll spare you the details of countless internet searches for a recipe that was ‘doable,’ before I actually got down to the kneading and steaming.  I’m sure you can tell from the picture that my bun wrapping skills are incredibly lacking.  I watched a bazillion videos, but alas, this is my current level.  I quickly, forgave myself the wrapping when I bite into the first bun…Success! May I never go bunless again.


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