It is my opinion that Nigerian food has a way of being ugly. There I said it. My brother and I discussed it and I being of sound mind and his senior sibling will take the blame for what we said. (The African thing is for the senior sibling to take responsibility)
    Its not ugly in the way art can be ugly and still appealing. No, very often it comes of looking accidental and unappealing, like sorry leftovers. If I had been born elsewhere I would probably turn my nose up at it. Even in fancy restaurants I have observed that they have a hard time dressing it up.
    In spite of all this, Nigerian foods have one redeeming quality, taste. Not in a, ‘Boy, I’m glad I tried that,’ once before I died way. It’s more like ‘chew on my fingers for hours,’ ‘space out in class at the mere thought of my next meal,’ ‘hide and eat in the bathroom in order to avoid sharing,’ ‘buy seriously questionable foods from street vendors’, ‘get salmonella and do it all again next week!’…it that good, when done right.
    Faced with these facts, I challenged myself to give Naija meals a face life. An opportunity presented itself to me when I realized that the food served in my office was bad, ugly (majorly so) and costly. I made the decision to start bringing my own lunches. Hence the birth of nativelunchbox. I’m starting small but I have great hopes and fears for when I start to work with swallow. If anyone has any food ideas please leave a comment.

    Wish me luck.

    In the spirit of truth, I should mention that there is a delay in the meals. Basically, today’s picture is last week’s lunch. #ThirdWorldProblems

    What typical meals can look like: Exhibits A and B

Exhibit Aamala


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    • I will do that (maybe once a week) but let me start by admitting that I am not the greatest cook. In my younger days I hide whenever my mum called my sisters and I to kitchen so I’m behind but I learn more recipes everyday and I willing to work on perfecting them.

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    • I have been trying to give recipes for complex dishes. If I skip any that you are interested in just let me know and I’ll add a recipe.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog and drooled all the way down the page:-) and I know why I craved this food when pregnant even tho I was born very South of Africa, where I have to say the mainstream food had little variety (though flavourful if cooked over an open fire)

    • I wish I could actually do my dishes over an open fire, but my housemate/sister has a veryy effective disapproving scroll. So I use gas and bide my time because there are great independence day and christmas meals in my future.

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