Let’s Pretend 

Let’s pretend … that this ham sandwich ( exquisite though it is) is the true star of this meal, when deep down even the sandy knows that the strawberry, blackberry and tangerine fruit salad is the real koko.

Strawberry time

I recently bought some strawberries for my breakfast smoothies. They turned out to be a lot sweeter than anticipated, so I guess I’ll be making a lot more than smoothies  in the near future.  Anyway, today’s salad is the easiest, spinach + pecans + strawberries (with a sweet balsamic vinegar dressing) = awesome.  You can also add more other fruits or some feta cheese to the salad but I personally loved this simple version. Threw in some leftover chicken, the usual tangerine and called it a day. 

A bean by any other name

This is basically the same thing I had a few days ago. A.k.a. Beans and bread, but elevated… classy (and such like things) Check out the flaky croissant and the beautifully mishappen akara balls. Every street corner akara selller knows that there is a science to creating perfect akara balls and while the trick to a perfectly round akara continues to illude me, the taste matrix has been cracked. Now I can hold my pinkie high, when I chomp down on this sandwich masterpiece because this counts as a gourmet meal.