Smoked chicken fried Quinoa

Smoked chicken fried quinoa with fried chicken and meat.


That’s a wrap!

Turkey, tortilla wrap filled with cheese and a mishmash of chopped lettuce, tomatoes, chilis, cilantro, green & red bell peppers.  I added a teaspoon of sesame oil, a pinch of salt and a shake of black pepper to bring the taste together.  Paired the wrap with a decadent dark chocolate with strawberry jam cake and a delicious tangerine for (cough) health reasons.  It was delightful! 

Totes my goats

Sometimes leftovers are more satisfying that preplaned meals.  Was running late (like I do) and so I packeked jollof of life (Nigerian jollof) and stole a few plantains that my sister was frying (side story: kids stealing fried plaintains aka dodo from anyone especially a Nigerian can loose you a finger or two, if you are not experienced just Don’t do it!) I crowned this stellar bowl with two pieces of goat meat.  There was a mini cinnamon apple muffin in the fridge, so I snagged it and then to fulfill all righteousness, I threw in some red and green grapes, for … health reasonsish? Was absolutely delighted when lunchtime rolled around.