Annual leave

photo 4

I was gone with the wind, as soon as the words, ‘annual leave’ were uttered. In my hast I seem to have left my good sense and manners in my wake and just recently realized (based on a series of questionable lunch choices) that I didn’t mention my break on Native Lunch Box. Sorryish (I’m sorry that I’m never really sorry, just slightly disappointed in myself) I’ll be gone through September.So I dug up this picture of delicious Bushmeat and ewedu that I ate (pre-Ebola) for you to remember me by. Have an awesome month.


Eba and ewedu


    Party at my sister’s house means, some kind of swallow (aka food that you eat with your hand, aka food that comes with stew; aka food you don’t need to chew. The truly traditional options) I basically walked out of there with more food than my diet allows, but check out this ewedu and goat meat stew, totally worth it.