Totes my goats

Sometimes leftovers are more satisfying that preplaned meals.  Was running late (like I do) and so I packeked jollof of life (Nigerian jollof) and stole a few plantains that my sister was frying (side story: kids stealing fried plaintains aka dodo from anyone especially a Nigerian can loose you a finger or two, if you are not experienced just Don’t do it!) I crowned this stellar bowl with two pieces of goat meat.  There was a mini cinnamon apple muffin in the fridge, so I snagged it and then to fulfill all righteousness, I threw in some red and green grapes, for … health reasonsish? Was absolutely delighted when lunchtime rolled around.


Eba and ewedu


    Party at my sister’s house means, some kind of swallow (aka food that you eat with your hand, aka food that comes with stew; aka food you don’t need to chew. The truly traditional options) I basically walked out of there with more food than my diet allows, but check out this ewedu and goat meat stew, totally worth it.