Savory and a side of sweet

Standard ham sandwich with a sweet strawberry n cream cheese sandwich as a dessert.  Baby carrot stick and hummus snack.




    So weird thing about my Zumba class is that they are always sharing cake, really really good cake. Under the guise of someone’s birthday (RIGHT). It’s allowed because it promotes return business and on a personal note I find that nothing makes me feel better than seeing “that girl”, stuff her face.
    You know the girl I mean, in her cutesy gym apparel with matching weights, who does all the moves right with a smile and without having the courtesy to sweat. Yeah her! Well she’s not immune to cake, which everyone knows is workout kryptonite.
    Instead of putting the huge piece I made away with on displace (It could fill this whole lunchbox) I made the brave decision to cut just a slice and throw in a sushi ham sandwich, two samosas and a guilt apple. Yeah for pretending to have self control.

2 lunches

    Thanks to the Eid-el-Maulud public holiday (which, I’m told celebrates the birthday of Prophet Mohammed) and my fortuitous location on the weekend work schedule I got Thursday and Friday added to my weekend, so I took off to Lagos. In my excitement I didn’t take the necessary steps to ensure the delivery of a Friday picture. Sorry!
    Without further delay here are my Friday and Monday meals.

Rice paper spring rolls:

    Containing leftovers from my fridge including egg sauce, ham, lettuce, shredded meat, cabbage and apple juice.


Mini English breakfast:

    IMG_7611Buttered bread, sausage, a boiled egg and half a tomato. I realize baked beans are expected but for some who really loves beans, I am not a huge fan of baked beans. Go figure.

Deux sushi


    My sandwich rolling skill have improved, so in honour of me and my fancy self I decided to make two types of sushi sandwiches. Ham sandwich and chicken salad sandwich. Nigerian dry season means that Agbalumos aka Udara aka (according to the internet) white star apples (which I have never ever heard before) are finally in season. My sister must be ecstatic, she loves agbalumos.