Fun with leftovers

Leftover fried rice (leftover chicken, leftover sausage, leftover carrots, leftover sweet corn, leftover green pepper and one hot habanero) with a strawberry-watermelon smoothie. The rice was incredibly spicy ( I put a whole habanero…seeds and all, thought it wasn’t going to be hot enough and over shot…luckily the refreshing strawberry-watermelon smoothie (with a mild ginger kick) cooled everything down.


Pizza leftovers


    Leftovers, plantain chips and juicy orange slices are a simple start to the weekend. Have an awesome weekend everyone.

Fried chicken and plantain chips


    Out of the mouths of babes… Literally! that’s where I got the wings. We brought them (from Zen Garden) over the weekend for my niece who is obsessed with “Chicken win” (for some reason her three year old mouth says win instead of wings) and her mum left them in my fridge. I responded responsibly by eating them, it was that or let them spoil, At least thatS what I tell myself. I see no coalition between this and my resent “Aunty of Month” loss.